🎵 About ridwanoloyede.com, let’s get groovy,

A personal website, where Ridwan shares life’s movie.

It’s a space to showcase, both work and play,

So kick back, relax, and let’s sway!


🎵 Here you’ll find Ridwan’s work, a portfolio so rad,

From projects and achievements, to the experiences he’s had.

But it ain’t all business, no, we’re mixin’ it up,

Non-work adventures, shared like a treasure map.


🎵 So take a tour, explore, and feel the beat,

At ridwanoloyede.com, where Ridwan’s worlds meet.

Join the journey, be inspired, and let your spirit dance,

As we celebrate life, work, and every chance.



Hey there, welcome to the Privacy Jam at ridwanoloyede.com,

We’re gonna lay down the data deets, and together we’ll rock and roam.


🎵 Your data, what’s up?

We ain’t actively collecting; nope, that’s abrupt.

But passively, your device gives the website a clue,

Your name, email, and IP address when you come through


🎵 Now, why is it needed? What’s the game?

To recognise your device and remember your name.

To send you latest updates when you are subscribed to the blog or newsletter,

And when you send us an email, we can reply,

Your information helps me out; you ain’t gonna lie.


🎵 Lawful basis, keeping it cool,

When it comes to blog or newsletter subscription, ain’t trippin’,

Your name and email, with consent, we be flippin’.

You give the green light, and we’re ready to roll,

We’ll keep you in the loop, as the stories unfold.

Now, your IP address, it’s a funky little thing,

We collect it for our interests, like a dance in the spring.

Our legit interest, in this case, is clear,

***** is the reason, so have no fear!

🎵 Rights, you got ’em, let’s break it down,

Access, rectify, and even wear a crown.

Restrict, and object too,

Erase, withdraw, or lodge a complaint if you’re feeling blue.


🎵 Just hit us up, and we’ll help you out,

At me@ridwanoloyede.com, there’s no doubt.


🎵 Securing your data, like a safety dance,

Physical, technical, and organisational, we enhance.

The internet’s wild, but we’ll do our part,

Protecting you and your data, it’s an art.


🎵 How long do we keep it? Let’s be clear,

Three months from your last visit, then it disappears.

No worries, just holler if you wanna object or erase, and we’ll delete your data with style and grace!


🎵 Cookies and tracking, now listen close,

We ain’t using ’em, we ain’t here to boast.

No third party requests, we don’t follow you around,

We’re just chillin’, letting your data be unwound.


🎵 When your data travels, what’s the plan?

We’ll do our best to keep it safe in every land.

Countries with good data protection, that’s the goal,

We’re all about keepin’ your data under control.

Hey, heads up! This notice kicks in on March 28, 2023. If we ever update our privacy notice, no worries—you’ll find it right here with a shiny new date letting you know when it starts rockin’.