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Ridwan Oloyede, a Co-founder of Tech Hive Advisory, specialises in law, technology, privacy, and data protection. With a proven track record, he has significantly influenced legislative policies in Nigeria, contributed to global frameworks at the United Nations, and was recognised as a national leader in data in the 2023 Who's Who Legal Rankings (WWL Rankings). He is an IAPP Fellow in Information Privacy. He also hosts a podcast called "Privacy Bar and Bants" where he discusses various topics relating to data protection, privacy, and personal data breaches.


About Ridwan

Information Technology Policy

Dedicated to advancing economic and societal development through technology, Ridwan Oloyede co-founded Tech Hive Advisory, an organisation committed to providing policy advisory and research support to African entities. As an IAPP Fellow in Information Privacy, Ridwan has collaborated with both African and global organisations, contributing his expertise to shape impactful policies in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.


Ridwan has played a pivotal role in legislative and policy development processes, creating environments conducive to technology-focused businesses while safeguarding human rights. His contributions include advising governments, committees, and technology-related interest groups. Notable accomplishments include active involvement in the formulation of significant policies and frameworks such as the NITDA Data Protection Guidelines 2017, CBN Payment System Vision 2030, and the Data Protection Bill 2022.


A prolific writer, Ridwan leverages his writing as a powerful medium for influencing information technology policy. His contributions span a spectrum of technology-related legal issues from a local perspective, addressing surveillance, encryption, tracking technologies, and deceptive design. Noteworthy recognitions include being acknowledged as the legal influencer for TMT in Africa and the Middle East by Lexology and being ranked as a well-known author in Nigeria by Mondaq. His work includes insightful articles on data protection, such as "From Bytes to Rights: The Journey to a Comprehensive Data Protection Law in Nigeria" and "Data Protection in Nigeria: A look back at 2022 and projections for 2023."


Committed to humanitarian causes, Ridwan actively supports initiatives that promote responsible innovation. He champions guidelines to address deceptive design by consumer protection authorities in Africa. Ridwan's commitment extends to privacy awareness through the creation and executive production of the "Privacy Bar and Bants" show and podcast. The platform serves as a space for discussing topics centred around data protection, data privacy, data breaches, and cybersecurity, aligning with his vision of responsible and ethical technology practices.


Ridwan's impact extends beyond writing and consultancy as he actively engages as a speaker, facilitator, and panellist in global expert sessions. His perspectives cover a broad spectrum of topics, including surveillance, digital authoritarianism, child online safety, deceptive design, encryption and anonymity, data protection, and policy. Ridwan has spoken in various countries, including Nairobi, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Leicester, United Kingdom, contributing to cybersecurity, data protection, and data ethics discourse.

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